Sprachcaffe Mallorca

Frequently asked questions.


Is my course available?

  • Yes, our courses are always available at all levels.

Courses always take place?

  • Yes, the courses are always carried out according to our conditions.

What is your policy regarding Corona?

  • As long as local Corona restrictions allow us to, we will carry out the Spanish courses as reserved. Cancelations by participants will be handled normally as stated in our terms. If we have to cancel the course due to a change of local Corona restrictions we will refund all payments made, as also stated in our terms.

What are the Corona restrictions?

  • Since the 21st of June 2020 it’s obligatory in Spain to maintain a minimum distance of 150 cm or wear a mask. Therefore inside our school building masks are obligatory, also in class. We will try to set up classes in the garden where we can maintain the minimum distance so in the garden no masks will be needed.

What are the age groups?

  • Our participants are between 30 and 70 years old and typically book 1 or 2 week (s) educational leave with us. The main age group is 45-58 years old.


195 € / 295 € / week

  • Language course 20 / 30 lessons

295 € / week

  • Accommodation in Guestroom

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